Sascha Ley & Georg Ruby – „Hildegard Knef Revisited“

"Georg Ruby & Sascha Ley interpret the Knef songs with amazing originality, but are not limited stilistically: e.g. they start with beat-box grooves, then play song themes, swarm out in free improvisations in the next moment, and return to a common groove finally.”


Sascha Ley - voice
Georg Ruby - piano

"Ich Hab’ Noch Einen Koffer In Berlin" (comp.: R.M. Siegel / lyrics: Aldo v. Pinelli)

"Love For Sale" (Cole Porter)

"Mein Zeitbegriff" (comp.: Georg Ruby - Sascha Ley / lyrics: Hildegard Knef)

"Kaddoen" (Georg Ruby - Sascha Ley)