1953 born in Diez/Lahn (D)
1973 College of Music Cologne. Subjects: clarinet and piano
1978 Co-founder of Initiative Kölner Jazz Haus e.V. (Stadtgarten)
1979 Pianist of Kölner Jazz Haus Big Band. Compositions for this band
1980 First LP of Kölner Jazz Haus Big Band »Open Lines«

Pianist, composer and arranger of »Erstes Kölner Weltorchester«
Appointment as musical conductor of Jazz Orchester Rheinland-Pfalz (JORP), arrangements and compositions for this and other big bands

1985 WDR production with trio DIOKO
First LP with DIOKO »Potosi«, invitation to the Jazz Haus Festival/Cologne
Tour through Italy as musical conductor of JORP with concerts in Rome, Florence and Milan

1986 Founding of duo project GEORG RUBY & WOLLIE KAISER
First LP: Ruby Domesticus Vulgaris
Pianist, composer and arranger of »Zweites Kölner Weltorchester«
WDR production with this orchestra
DIOKO prizewinner of WDR »Stadtmusik Wettbewerb«, invitation to the WDR »Stadtmusik Festival« in Cologne
As musical conductor of JORP tour to France with concerts in Nancy, Nevers and Paris

1987 LP »Ruby Domesticus Vulgaris« voted year's best foreign production (Cadence Poll/ New York)
WDR production with DIOKO / second LP of DIOKO: Helix
USA tour as musical conductor of JORP (on behalf of Deutscher Musikrat) with, i.a., concerts in Chicago and Washington D.C.
Member of Tony Coe Quartet as composer and pianist

1988 Pianist and composer in Joachim Ullrich's KÖLN CONNECTION
Member of Norbert Stein PATA ORCHESTER, first LP of the orchestra »Die 5 Tage«
Invitation as musical conductor of JORP to the International Music Festival in Malta with concerts in Valetta, first LP of the Band: Chicago-Paris-Valetta

Host of radio show »JAZZ« on WDR 1 (1980-1998)

1989 Invitation to the international jazz festival »Post This Neo That« in the Philharmonie/Cologne with the programme »From Ellington to Coleman« as solo pianist
Invitation of DIOKO to the International Festival in Lyon/France
Invitation of the duo Georg Ruby & Wollie Kaiser to the festival »Cologne meets New York« with concerts in New York (on behalf of Goethe Institute)

1990 As musical conductor of JORP tour through the USSR with concerts in Odessa, Kiew, Witebsk, Moscow, Rostow

1991 Invitation to the International Jazz Festival Leningrad/USSR

1992 Five weeks tour as duo partner of clarinet player Claudio Puntin through nine European countries with concerts in Cologne, Frankfurt, Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Cracow, Prague, Vienna, Innsbruck, Zurich, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Marseille, Barcelona, Lyon, Paris and many more
Solo concert at the DOCUMENTA '92 in Kassel (D)
Invitation to the Jazzfest Berlin (with Claudio Puntin)
CD re-release of »Strange Loops« with Horst Grabosch (tp), Gabriele Hasler (voc), Wollie Kaiser (sax, bcl), Claudio Puntin (cl)

1993 CD release of »Spider's Lovesong« (with Gabriele Hasler)

1994 Triennale/Köln (with Horst Grabosch) / CD release »Like Life« (JORP)

1995 Head of field »Jazz« at the college of music in Saarbrücken (D)

1997 Tour (JORP) to Central America with 7 concerts in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Panama und Mexico

1998 Musical conductor of Berliner Jugend Jazz Orchester (BJJO)

1999 Tour with the Blue Art Orchestra to Poland (Warsaw, Cracow, Breslau) on behalf of Deutscher Musikrat
European premiere of the »4 Suites for Symphony Orchestra and Big Band« by Duke Ellington with the BJJO and the Staatsorchester Frankfurt/Oder in Frankfurt and Berlin (SFB recording)

2002 / CD-release of Georg Ruby Village Zone / "Mackeben Revisited" / JazzHausMusik JHM 121

2008 / CD-release of Georg Ruby Piano Solo / "Personal Songbook" / JazzHausMusik JHM 175

2009 / CD-release of Georg Ruby Village Zone / "Deconstruction Service" / JazzHausMusik JHM 177

2010 / Tour with Wollie Kaiser to France (Nantes, Paris, Marseille)

2011 / CD-release of Georg Ruby-Michel Pilz / "Deuxième Bureau" / JazzHausMusik JHM 205
"Deuxième Bureau" has been released on 27th of October 2011 by JazzHausMusik/Köln and was chosen from NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD Album of the Year 2011

2012 / Gigs together with Michel Pilz in Athen, Luxembourg, Berlin

2015 CD-release JHM 231: Ruby-Pilz-Weber-Brochier – „Rimbaud #4“
Concerts and Festivals in in this formation or as Duo Pilz-Ruby u. a. in Köln, Berlin, Saarbrücken, Luxembourg, Festival Peitz, Lissabon,

2016 CD-release JHM 236: JassLab de Cologne - „Eins und Eins“

2017 Beginn der Zusammenarbeit mit der Malerin und Literatin Johanna Hansen (Düsseldorf)
Buch/CD-Veröffentlichung von JHM 244 „Mein Schlafplatz mein Sprachschatz“, ein literarisch-musikalisches-bildnerisches Projekt (in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Onomato-Verlag)
Veröffentlichung der Erzählung „Meereswege“ in „WORTSCHAU - Magazin für Gegenwartsliteratur“ (

2018  CD-release: Georg Ruby Piano Solo - „Windmills“
Concerts a.o. in Luxembourg, Nancy, Berlin and Köln / JHM 249

Invitation to the International Festival „JazzArt“ in Katowice (Polen) with „Ruby-Pilz-Weber-Brochier - „Rimbaud #4“

2019  CD-release: Georg Ruby VILLAGE ZONE Stephan Goldbach - Daniel „D-Flat“ Weber / JHM 262