Georg Ruby is co-founder of »Kölner Jazz Haus e.V.« (Stadtgarten, Cologne/Germany) and founder of the CD label JazzHausMusik with 209 different CD productions.

Born 1953
Piano, clarinet, composer, arranger
Lives in Cologne

Solo pianist,
Conductor of
Jazzorchester Rheinland-Pfalz (1984-1997),
Blue Art Orchestra, Berliner-Jugend-Jazz-Orchesters (BJJO/1998-2003) and JugendJazzOrchesterSaar (JJOS/since 2004),
Georg Ruby Village Zone

Worldwide tours
/ some festivals:
- International Jazz Festival Malta
- Cologne meets New York (New York)
- Post This Neo That (Cologne)
- International Jazz Festival Lyon
- International Jazz Festival Leningrad
- Jazzfest Berlin
- Jazz Festival Panama and Mexico City

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Professor for jazz and improvised music at the college of music and theatre in Saarbrücken, jury member of national and international jazz and improvised music competition, workshops and master classes on behalf of the Goethe Institute, Deutscher Musikrat and lots of colleges of music in Germany and abroad.

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Ruby Domesticus Vulgaris voted to be year's best foreign production (Cadence Poll 1987/New York), prizewinner of German orchestra competition 1996 in Gera, founder of the CD label JazzHausMusik (Cologne) on which meanwhile 209 productions have been released, six of them awarded with the prize of the German Record Critics. Georg Ruby's music is featured on 32 different CDs (solo piano, trio, big band).
Deuxième Bureau, first cd production of Ruby-Pilz, has been released on 27th of October 2011 by JazzHausMusik/Köln (JHM 205) and was chosen from NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD Album of the Year 2011.
VILLAGE ZONE (feat. Stephan Goldbach and Daniel „D-Flat“ Weber), has been released on May 2019 (JazzHausMusik/Köln/JHM 262) and was voted from ALL ABOUT JAZZ „one of the twelve best new releases of the year 2019.“